How to get a job in Denmark?

Denmark has a number of key industries in which the country and companies excel. Denmark has a unique business environment with close cooperation between business, academia and public authorities.

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Are you considering moving here or have you already arrived and are looking for a job?
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Check out or accompanying partners (Living in Denmark) page for more great interviews on job search!
But... What happens when you find a job in Denmark coming from an international background? Cultural differences can be tough!
Read this interview (press the photo) about differences between working with a Danish team compared to working with an international team:
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The offical website in Denmark for international recruitment and jobseekers is that has a job portal. Work in Denmark also has three manned jobcentres who can help you apply for jobs.
Also check out our event calendar for courses in job-seeking, resumé writing etc.
You can also check out this Career Handbook on how to find a job in Denmark written på IDA Career Handbook.pdfCareer Handbook.pdf 

There are several other Danish and international job portals with jobs in Denmark, though they do not all provide services in English. Below is a selection of alternative private/public job databases in Danish (DA) and/or English (EN).
Jobbanks for students

For students there are also a wide range of job, internship and project banks if you are looking for some study relevant activities. You can also create a job agent at the portals so you get un update on what jobs are relevant for you within your field of knowledge and interest:

Not too keen on a regular job?
Mathilde and Filipe wasn't either... Read there story!
 Plamena did not know what an incubator was when she started. Do you know?

 Denmark is a frontrunner in data-driven research in sustainability and green technology. That's why Nina founded her company in Denmark: