What to do if you have a pet you want to bring to Denmark? Get the answers here!

Travelling to Denmark from EU member states
ID, Pet Passport and Rabies Vaccination
The animal must first have an ID, either a microchip or a tattoo e.g. an ear tattoo. Then it must have an EU Pet passport. The passport be issued by a veterinarian and is valid only if it is certified that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies.
Note: From July 3, 2011 only a microchip is regarded as a proper identification.

Valid Vaccination
The primary rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days prior to departure. If the animal already has a rabies vaccination, which is still valid, it is not necessary to redo the vaccination. The rabies vaccination is valid in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacture of the vaccine. If your animal was vaccinated in another EU Member State than the one you are departing from, make sure to ask the veterinarian about the recommendations of the rabies vaccination used.
Travelling to Denmark from other countries
When travelling to Denmark with pets from outside the EU, dogs, cats and ferrets from these countries may enter Denmark if they comply with the same requirements as for travelling within the EU, i.e. ID (microchip or tattoo, valid rabies vaccination and veterinary certificate).

They must, however, enter Denmark through the Border Inspection Posts of either Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup or Billund Airport and not more than 5 pet animals may be imported at at time. At least 24 hours prior to arrival the Border Inspection Post must be notified of the import.

The following information should be mailed or faxed to the Border Inspection Post of entry:
·         Information on the animal and owner, incl. country of origin
·         Time and date of arrival and flight number
Registration of Dogs and Cats
Dogs over four months must be registered, and wear a collar with name and address tag. Registering forms can be found at post offices, libraries or contact the Danish Dog Register (Dansk Hunderegister note that this page is only found in danish). The registration costs 125 DKK (2011), and you must keep the registration documentation.
At the same time the dog must be given a microchip. Only vets are allowed to microchip a dog. If the registered information changes or the dog dies, the Danish Dog Register must be notified.

Contact if you have any questions.

Pet Insurance
As a dog owner you must have your dog risk insured, because you are responsible for all damage the dog may cause. The pet risk insurance does not cover damage which the dog causes at its owners or at the dog carers place. The insurance covers Denmark, though several insurance companies also cover damage, if the dog is taken with you on holiday.

It is not mandatory to register your cat, however it is a great help if it runs away or is hurt. There are two places the cat can be registered. The Danish Cat Register (Dansk Katteregister), where you can register your cat free online if it has an ear tag. The Danish Cat Register (Det danske katteregister), where the vet takes care of the practicalities combined with the registration. This costs 125 DKK (2011).

Contact if you have any questions.
Pet sitting
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When travelling with your dog or cat, they must have a microchip or visible ear tattoo. The dog/cat also needs its own animal passport, where vaccinations are noted. The animal passport can be made at the vet.
If you want to take your pet with you to a non-EU country (except Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Island, San Marino and Monaco), the individual countries rules count. Contact the countries embassy for more information.
Visiting other Scandinavian Countries
If you want to visit Sweden, Norway, Finland or Bornholm there are certain regulations to consider.

The general rules for the entry of pet animals into the territory of an EU Member State are subject to compliance with the following conditions:
  • The animal must have an identification (microchip or tattoo).  
  • The animal must be vaccinated against rabies; Norway also requires a blood test.  
  • The animal must have a pet passport which certifies the above health requirements.

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