Schooling and Child Care

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Child Care/Day Care in Danish
All young children in Denmark have the option of enrolment in a child care centre. There are a variety of child care options for children from 0-6 years of age. Each municipality determines its own overall goals and framework of child care options.

Day care
In this option, a group of children between the ages of 6 months and 2-3 years are taken care of by the child minder at her home. There can be up to 4 children apart from the child minders own children. If two child minders decide to work together, they can take care of up to 10 children. Most child minders are women.

Day Nursery
This is also a childcare option for children between 6 months and 2-3 years old. The number of children differs, but on average there are 4 children per childcare employee. The nurseries are equipped with toys for children in the different age groups. The nurseries also have outdoor areas with swings, sandpits etc., and the children are regularly taken on excursions to e.g. the beach or the woods.

Crèche/ Pre-K/ Kindergarten
For children aged 3 to about 6/7. The institutions vary in size, but on average there are 6 children per kindergarten teacher. They have a wide variety of toys for the children, and have an outdoor area with a playground and possibly also bicycles and carts.

Private Day care
Some municipal authorities award a grant to parents so their children can be put in private day care.
Costs of Child care
The price of child care is determined by the municipal board, but according to state law, parents must not be charged more than 25-28% of the cost of the child's care in the institution. This cost is also influenced by whether the institution offers meals.
Language programs for kids and teens
Young children are the most receptive language-learners, and bilingual kids have an advantage in school, on standardised tests, in college admissions and their careers. Berlitz Kids + Teens makes learning a language fun, so why not set them on the path to success now?
All language instructors on the Berlitz Kids + Teens programs are native speakers and have experience working with children.
For more information go to www.
Child Care/Day Care in English
Børnehuset Vandpytten
Lundtofteparken 43
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
(+45) 45285690
The group is offered to parents who want their children to develop English language skills because they are working in Denmark for a shorter or longer period.
Children will be taught in English at a level appropriate to the individual child because we expect to receive children who have English as their primary language, as well as children learning English for the first time.
Børnebyen Vandværket
Studiestræde 54
1554 Copenhagen V
(+45) 24527954
Børnebyen Vandværket is a large child-care offer established in the heart of Copenhagen. It has room for 400 children between the age of 0 and 6 years, where the everyday language is English; all the children in the two groups will either have English as their native language, or they will be learning English for the purpose of later continuing to a school in which English will be the primary language.

Read more about Børnebyen Vandværket here and register your child on the waiting list for admission here.  
Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj
Bavnehøj Allé 40
2450 København SV

(+45) 33663816
As of 1 June 2017, the child-care offer, Idrætsinstitutionen Bavnehøj, will have room for 24 children between the age of 2 and 5 in an English-language group. Some of these children will either have English as their native language, whereas others will be learning the English language. Typically, they will all continue to a school in which English will be the primary language – be this a school in Denmark or abroad.
The child-care offer has achieved certification as a physical education offer. This means that the pedagogical work is based on a strategy in which the learning and development of fundamental social rules take place through physical activities while, at the same time, focusing on the child’s resourcefulness, diet and health.
In addition to the physical-pedagogical aspect, Bavnehøj is also focused on inclusion and on facilitating a sense of community as well as on the development of personal competences, comprising language skills.
Read more about Bavnehøj here and register your child on the waiting list for admission to Bavnehøj here.
Private Day care
Private day care is a childcare option whereby a parent couple makes arrangements to look after their own and another family’s child. There are no age limits other than your own.
Kidz R Os
Lyshøjgårdsvej 45
2500 Valby 

(+45) 27346539

Kidz R Os is an International Daycare and Vuggestue that has started up from Jan 5, 2015 and is located at Lyshøjgårdsvej 45, 2500 Valby.
Kidz R Os is a fully licensed facility and adheres to Danish Safety Regulations.

Private Child care
Private child care is a childcare option where you can receive a grant to employ your own nanny. Private child care is for children from 24 weeks to six years of age. In addition to using the City of Copenhagen’s electronic notice board, it could also be useful to look for a nanny through Jobcenter København, telephone +45 82 56 56 82.

Pre Kindergarten
This option allows for children to learn through fun and games together with children of similar age. The children learn to become aware of themselves and their abilities, as well as how their actions and words affect others. For more information contact the International Schools listed in the “International Schooling” section below.
Kollegiebakken 13
2800 Kgs Lyngby

(+45) 45 28 54 90
The Little Montessori School
Lundtoftevej 97
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Age/Level: 2,5-6 years old

(+45) 45 93 52 95 

Sunrise International Preschool
Norgesmindevej 32
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 2-6 years
(+45) 35 43 23 17 
Stepping Stones Pre-school
Bernstorffsvej 230
2920 Charlottenlund
Age/Level: 1,5-5 years old
(+45) 35 12 33 30 
Copenhagen International School (Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten)
Levantkaj 4-14
2150 Nordhavn
Age/Level: Pre-Kindergarten age 3-4, Kindergarten age 5
(+45) 39 46 33 00
The Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE)
Bushøjvænget 133
8270 Højbjerg

(+45) 86726060
Danish schooling
Denmark has a policy of nine years' compulsory education. Children are to be taught from the age of seven. Most children, however, start in a pre-school class when they are six. After nine years of primary and lower secondary school, it is up to the individual to decide whether they want to pursue further education.

Primary and Lower Secondary School
All children are entitled to free tuition at Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school. This tuition includes a one-year, pre-school class followed by nine years of primary and lower secondary school and a tenth class which is optional.

Upper Secondary School
Following primary school, which is completed at the age of 16-17, nearly all Danish students continue on to some form of upper secondary education. Upper secondary education consists of general and vocational programmes for students from 16-20 years old. A number of study programmes are offered in foreign languages. This school provides an entry into higher education programmes.

International schooling (list of schools)
There are several International Schools in Denmark, and schools which offer an English-language IB programme (primarily upper secondary education). Below is a list of international schooling currently available.
For information on enrollment costs and supported age groups, please consult the invidivudal websites or contact the school administration.
You can find a list of international schools i Denmark here, or take a look a the schools below:
Bjørn's International School 
Gartnerivej 5
2100 Copenhagen Ø 
Age/Level: 6-16 years old

(+45) 39 29 29 37

Copenhagen Euroschool 
Gl. Kongevej 15C
1610 Copenhagen V 
Age/Level: 1-9 grade

(+45) 33 25 22 48
Institut Sankt Joseph
Dag Hammarskolds Allé 17
2100 Copenhagen Ø 
Age/Level: 5-16 years old

(+45) 31 10 08 39

Prince Henrik's School (Lycée Français de Copenhauge) 
Frederiksberg Allé 22A
1820 Frederiksberg C
Age/Level: 3-18 years old

 (+45) 33 21 20 48

Sankt Petri Schule
Larslejsstræde 5
1451 Copenhagen K
Age/Level: 0-9 grade
Øresunds International School
Engvej 153
2300 Copenhagen S
Age/Level: 0-9 grade
(+45) 32 59 80 02 
International School of Hellerup
Rygårds Allé 131
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 3-19 years old 
Østerbro International School
Præstøgade 17
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Age/Level: 5-16 years old
(+45) 70 20 63 68

Greater Copenhagen
Hellerupvej 11
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 0-10 grade

(+45) 39 62 28 37
e-mail: (Follow the link: International School)

Children's Garden International Preschool
Bernstorffvej 75
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 3-18 years old

(+45) 73 75 29 00

Copenhagen International School
Hellerupvej 22-26
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 3-18 years old

(+45) 39 46 33 00

NGG International School
Christianshusvej 16
2970 Hørsholm
Age/Level: 11-17 years old

(+45) 45 57 26 16
e-mail: ngg@

Rygårds Skole
Bernstorffsvej 54
2900 Hellerup
Age/Level: 4-16 years old

(+ 45) 39 62 10 81
European School Copenhagen
Sjælør Boulevard 135
2500  Valby
Age/Level: 0 - 10 grade
(+45) 24 78 34 53

Herlufsholm Skole og Gods
Herlufsholm Allé 170
4700 Næstved
Age/Level: 12-18 years old
(+45) 55 75 35 00 
Skt. Josef’s International School
Frederiksborgvej 10
DK-4000 Roskilde
Age/Level: 5 -16 years old
+45 46 35 25 26

Odense International School - Henriette Hørlücks Skole
Slotsvænget 1-3 & 4 
5000 Odense C 
Age/Level: 0-9 grades
(+45) 29373171
e-mail: js
The Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE)
Bushøjvænget 133
8270 Højbjerg
Age/Level: kindergarden to upper secondary school
(+45) 86726060
Esbjerg International School
Guldager Skolevej 4
6710 Esbjerg V 
Age/Level: 3-17 years old
(+45) 76 10 53 99

International School of Aarhus
Engtoften 22
8260 Viby J
Age/Level: 5-15 years old

(+45) 86 11 45 60
Sønderborg International School
Søndre Landevej 28
6400 Sønderborg
Age/Level: 6-16 years old
(+45) 74 43 01 10

International School Ikast-Brande
Kongevejen 39
7430 Ikast
Age/Level: 5-14 years old
(+45) 90 60 46 46
Skipper Clement School International Department
Gammel Kærvej 28-30
9000 Aalborg
Age/Level: 5-16 years old

(+45) 98 12 11 88
Ranum Efterskole College
Seminarievej 23
9681 Ranum
Age/Level: 14-18 years old
(+45) 96 66 44 00
Upper secondary schools / High schools

Greater Copenhagen area
Birkerød Gymnasium og HF
Søndervangen 56
3460 Birkerød

(+45) 45 81 02 56

Copenhagen International School
Levantkaj 4-14
2150 Nordhavn

(+45) 39 46 33 00
Copenhagen Technical College                                                  
Tæbyvej 65 
2610 Rødovre
(+45) 35 86 36 86

Nørre Gymnasium
Mørkhøjvej 78
2700 Brønshøj
(+45) 44 94 27 22

Prins Henrik Skolen (Lycée Français)
Frederiksberg Allé 22A
1820 Frederiksberg C
(+45) 33 21 20 48

Sankt Petri Skole (German)
Larslejsstræde 5
1451 Copenhagen K

(+45) 33 13 04 62
Herlufholm Skole
Herlufholm alle 170
4700 Næstved
Nyborg Gymnasium og HF
Skolebakken 13
5800 Nyborg
(+45) 65 31 02 17
Grenaa Gymnasium og HF
N P Josiassensvej 21
8500 Grenaa

(+45) 87 58 40 50

Hasseris Gymnasium
Hasserisvej 300
9100 Aalborg

(+45) 96 32 71 10

Ikast-Brande Gymnasium (IB Diploma Programme)
Bøgildvej 2
7430 Ikast

(+45) 97 15 36 11

Kolding Amtsgymnasium og HF-Kursus
Skovvangen 10
6000 Kolding

(+45) 76 33 96 00

Struer Gymnasium og HF-kursus
Jylandsgade 2
7600 Struer

(+45) 97 85 43 00

Private and Boarding schools
Denmark has a nearly 200 year old tradition of private schools. The private schools offer schooling in line with that offered by the municipal primary and lower secondary schools; however, the private schools have a higher degree of freedom relating to the way in which they organise this schooling. There are six main boarding schools Sorø Akademi, Herlufsholm Skole, Nyborg Gymnasium, Struer Gymnasium, Grenå Gymnasium, and Viborg Gymnasium.
For more information click here
English speaking boarding schools
The International
Vesterhavsvej 43
6990 Ulfborg
Babysitters and nanny services
Au Pairs
Having an au pair join the family in their everyday life has become quite popular for both Danish and expat families. This gives the family the opportunity to open up their home and share their knowledge about the host country with the au pair, who in return participates in family life and helps out with chores. There are however certain rules that must be taken into consideration for potential host families. These may be found at the website for The Danish Integration Services.

Once a family is found eligible, there are several places to look for the right au pair, and several countries to choose from. Examples of international search portal websites that may be of interest have been added below: