Social Security

Demark provides a high level of social security and much of the system is funded by taxes.
Denmark also has a strong union community due to the very flexible and dynamic Danish labour market.

But does all of this mean to you?

Unemployment Insurance and Benefits
Unemployment Insurance
In Denmark you are not automatically registered with an unemployment insurance fund (in Danish “A-Kasse”), and therefore need to apply. You do not, though, need to be a member of a trade union in order to become a member of an unemployment insurance fund.

You are entitled to apply for membership if you are between the age of 18 and 63 and live in Denmark (or another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark). You can apply to be insured part-time or full-time. Some of the additional requirements are that you must either:
  • Be in paid employment in a profession which is covered by the fund.   
  • Be the owner of a business, or help run your spouse’s business.

Unemployment Benefits
To receive these, the first thing you need to do is register as a jobseeker at your local job centre. You will submit a declaration of unemployment to your A-Kasse. You must agree to actively seek employment and be prepared to accept job offers as long as you are unemployed and receive benefits. In order to be eligible:

- You need to have had a minimum of 52 weeks of employment within the last 3 years.

- You must have been a member of an A-Kasse for at least 1 year.

Benefits can be received for a maximum of 2 years in total, and membership ends at the age of 65. You can receive up to 90% of your income from your previous income. The benefits are paid out every 3 or 4 weeks.

For a list of all the A-Kasser
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Most employees in Denmark are members of a "union".The unions work with representing the members interest towards the employers, and with securing them reasonable payment and terms of working. Some employers are also members in unions. They have an interest in the employees being satisfied and happy with the terms. The employers then also have stability when it comes to working hours, payments and strikes.
In Denmark, you can choose any union that fits your terms. Therefore an employer cannot hire or fire you, based on your choice of union.  Your colleagues can't demand you to choose a certain kind of union either. Many employees choose the union that has an agreement with their company and employer.
Choose your union based on which education and job you have. Most unions are often founded on that manner. You have to pay contingent to be a member of a union, but in return you will have a safety-net backing you up. If you are thinking about joining a union, there is some things to consider. Some unions offers different types of courses to their members and some have a unemployment insurance. You should go after the union that suits your needs the best, and you should always compare prices before joining.
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Home Insurance
Home insurance covers all the items in an ordinary home, i.e. furniture, clothes, computers, etc. Bicycles, garden tools and items that you have borrowed or hired are also covered.
Home insurance covers items that are stolen or damaged by fire, water or vandalism. Furthermore, it always includes third-party liability insurance if you cause injury to another person or damage another persons belongings.
With some insurance companies, home insurance covers identity fraud, i.e. when someone misuses your passport, credit card, health insurance certificate or driving licence. Many insurance companies also provide an option to buy extended cover, e.g. if you have a lot of electronic equipment or a particularly expensive bicycle
House Insurance 
If you want to take out a mortgage on your house, the bank or credit institution will require the house to be insured against fire. Most homeowners therefore have a house insurance that provides cover against fire as well as against storm and lightning.
In addition to the house itself, house insurance also covers fixtures such as your oven and dishwasher. Furthermore, it covers breakage of hidden pipes and cables both inside and under the house. Many companies give you the option of choosing an extended cover, e.g. for various types of water damage, vandalism in the garden and functional defects in household appliances.
House insurance also covers liability for damages that may incur if e.g. you fail to clear your pavement of snow and someone falls over and is injured.
Accident Insurance
Accident insurance provides cover if you have an accident, e.g. crash your car or fall down the stairs. With most insurance companies, your level of injury must be at least 5% for you to be entitled to compensation. Dental damage is normally also covered by accident insurance. Some companies also cover spectacles.
Often, you can choose whether the insurance will provide 24-hour cover – including when you are at work – or only non-work cover. You can also choose if your family should receive a pay-out if you die in an accident.
Car and Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a car or a motorcycle, it is a legal requirement to have third-party liability insurance. This covers you against injuring other persons or damaging other persons’ vehicles. Fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your own car as a result of a traffic accident, theft, vandalism or fire.

Liability Insurance
It is required by law that you have a liability insurance policy if you own a car. This insurance covers damages to other persons and their property. In addition, it is possible to obtain a comprehensive insurance policy that covers damages to your car and theft. If you have a loan on the car, the insurance company will often require comprehensive insurance coverage.
The insurance covers the liability to pay compensation that you as a private person may have in case you or a member of your household, cause injury to others or damage their belongings. The Danish insurance companies have various offers and prices. Contact an insurance company for more information.


Family Insurance
All insurance companies offer family insurance which covers all family members living at the same address.
A family insurance includes home insurance, liability insurance and legal aid.
Other Insurance
If you have a dog, it is a legal requirement to have third-party liability insurance.
It may also be a good idea to obtain insurance if you have a holiday home, caravan or other property that you want to protect. Many people also choose to take out travel insurance that provides cover for e.g. delayed luggage and medical treatment abroad.