Best Winter Jacket Brands in Germany

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It can get dangerously cold in Germany during the winter season.

That’s why you need to be careful when choosing a winter jacket.

Ensure you source yours from one of the best winter brands in Germany.

Notable winter jacket brands in Germany include Bogner, Wellensteyn, Engelbert Strauss, Erima and Hugo Boss.

Other great options for these gears are Oliver, Tom Tailor, Adidas, Puma and Jack Wolfskin.

As long as you consider these brands, there are high chances of settling for a good winter jacket.

However, consider other factors besides brand to get the best one.

Let’s look at other factors worth considering when choosing a winter jacket.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Winter Jacket?

Since various options are available, consider these tips to choose the best winter jacket.


Remember that insulation is one of the major determinants of how warm your winter coat will be.

The right insulation should ensure that you don’t get wet.

It should also prevent heat from escaping while being breathy enough not to make you sweaty.

Whereas a down insulation keeps you warm, it isn’t waterproof.

You may want to consider synthetic insulation for waterproof alternatives since it is relatively cheap and dries fast.

However, the weight of such insulation decreases over time, thus reducing the impact.

Alternatively, go for the wool insulation that’s very warm but bulky, not forgetting how long it takes to dry.

Room for Layering

It is hard to find a winter jacket that will keep you warm without additional clothing.

Therefore, you need layering before putting it on.

Ensure that the one you choose has enough room for the layering you need to stay warm.

Alternatively, settle for a larger size to ensure the jacket leaves space for your usual layering during winter.


Temperatures can get quite cold during winter, so a warm coat is needed.

The warmth you need will also depend on the outdoor activities you love.

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For instance, a hiker will need an extremely warm winter coat to enjoy hiking.

Consider the fill power that ranges from 300 to 900.

Anything below 600 may not be suitable for winter in Germany, hence the need for about 800 for adequate warmth.

Nevertheless, remember too much fill makes transporting the winter jacket hard, but you need to weigh the two aspects and make a good choice.

Wind Protection

Once the wind starts blowing, it would be great if your winter jacket would keep you warm regardless.

So, ensure that you get one that has a wind-protection rating.

Otherwise, the blowing wind will cut through it, thus making you feel cold.

Water Proof or Water-resistant

It is hard to find a waterproof winter jacket.

So, focus more on one that’s highly water resistant.

It will keep you dry despite downpours, thus ensuring you are warm throughout.


Don’t assume that a winter jacket must be heavy to be warm.

You can also get a warm yet lightweight jacket since other factors affect the warmth, including the material.

Remember that an extremely heavy winter jacket is uncomfortable and may not be worth it at the end of the day.

Temperature Rating

It determines how warm your winter jacket will be.

However, don’t focus too much on it since it isn’t always accurate.

Besides, it overlooks other factors such as the body metabolism rate, wind speed, snow and rain.


How well does a winter jacket do when it is dangerously cold?

If you need it to go for a leisure walk, walk the dog, go to work or go shopping, this may not matter much.

However, for someone who needs a winter jacket for hiking and mountaineering, its performance is a deal breaker.

The bottom line is your choice should keep you warm enough for what you intend to use it for.

Which Jacket is Best for Winter in Germany

If you plan to walk around the streets of Germany during winter, an insulated puffer jacket is an ideal choice.

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It is a German dress code for such activities and casual events.

If you are an environmental enthusiast, the Embassy of Bricks and Logs winter coat will do.

The manufacturer uses recycled and organic materials to make these warm coats.

Alternatively, consider the Adidas Terrex collection for excellent outdoor gear, including winter jackets.

Other options include the Konundrum, ACRONYM Jack Wolfskin and Bogner’s winter jackets.

How Should You Dress for Winter in Germany at Home?

If you won’t be leaving the home, there may be no need to wear much despite winter in Germany.

However, you will most likely need an additional layer of clothing.

A robe also keeps you warm when it gets too cold.

Whereas one will take off your shoes at home, you should consider wearing warm socks.

Add slippers to protect your feet from the chilly wood floors.

The good thing about being at home is the liberty to add or remove a layer of clothing depending on how the temperatures demand.

How Should You Dress for Winter in Germany while Outside?

You need to dress carefully during winter in Germany for outdoor activities.

Since it is cold during winter, the secret to staying warm despite being outdoors is layering sufficiently.

A pair of warm pants will do the trick if it isn’t extremely cold.

However, if the cold is too much, add another layer, such as a pair of tights or thermal pants known as long johns.

If you plan to wear a skirt or a dress, accompany it with a heavily insulated pair of tights.

As you layer ready to face the cold, remember to consider your kidneys since keeping them warm will improve your health.

Besides this basic layering, remember to add the following clothing;

Winter Jacket

A great winter jacket should be well-insulated to keep you warm despite the extremely low temperatures.

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Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have the Michelin man look for it to be sufficient.

Neither do you need a bulky ski jacket, and you don’t have to neglect your style just because you have a winter jacket.

There are affordable and stylish winter jackets.

Ensuring the material is heavy enough to resist water and wind is advisable.

The lining should either be fleece or faux fur for additional warmth.

Hand Wear

Avoid leaving your hands uncovered if you are outside in Germany during winter.

Whereas any pair of gloves might work, you need the best protection from the biting cold.

Ensures yours extends into the coat sleeve to provide no part of the hand is uncovered.

Besides, the gloves should also be waterproof for sufficient protection.

If you so wish, try out the chemical hand warmers since they are ideal when extremely low temperatures are.


Germany has a dangerously cold winter characterized by ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

So, besides good shoes, ensure they can withstand the harshness and keep you warm, too.

For instance, avoid sneakers and embrace waterproof boots.

They shouldn’t be bulky, not forgetting an excellent grip and avoiding those with heels.

Pair the shoes with thick and warm socks for additional warmth.


You will be surprised by the huge difference a scarf makes when walking outdoors in winter in Germany.

Go for the heavy-knit scarves and wrap them well around your neck.

A polar fleece wrap with a hood is also a great scarf for this cold period.


Lack of a hat during winter in Germany could water down all your efforts, including wearing a winter jacket, scarf, boots, socks and gloves.

The uncovered head makes you feel the cold, hence a need for a hat.

Ensure that the hat also covers the ears for ample warmth.

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