Top 5 Best Mobile Providers in Germany

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As a new German resident, you may want to be careful when choosing your mobile provider.

After all, you want a reliable partner to help you keep in touch with your loved ones who are most likely miles apart.

You also don’t want to pay a huge chance of money paying the mobile provider for its services.

Since you are new and without much knowledge regarding this market, it would be best to get some assistance.

Fortunately, here is a must-read article focusing on the best mobile providers in Germany.

Great options include the following;

Top Mobile Providers in Germany


This mobile provider is popular for its large and reliable network.

Whether you need a 4G or 5G network, you can rely on it since it is available everywhere.

Equally important, you also get to enjoy a free SIM card.

Its excellent packages have incredible features, thus giving you value for money.

You can also understand its packages well, thus avoiding instances where you settle for one only to realize it doesn’t suit your needs.

The contracts are also clear and easy to understand for the same reason.

They are flexible to accommodate various needs and budgets with separate roaming packages, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.

Unfortunately, Vodafone lacks an English website.


It is also a big telecom provider in Germany known for its reliable network.

Its customer support staff members speak in English, hence convenient for foreigners struggling with understanding the German language.

The return policy is excellent, not forgetting the fast delivery and number portability features.

You will also not incur any cost for the connection.

Nevertheless, it might be hard to understand its website if you speak English.

Deutsche Telekom

Despite being Germany’s most expensive mobile provider, its services make it worth every penny.

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Besides, it offers excellent connections even when living in rural and remote areas within the country.

That’s why it is advisable to consider it if you travel a lot around Germany.

Its internet speeds are high, and you have several plans depending on your needs and budget.


If you are looking for a stable connection at a reasonable price, 1&1 fits the bill.

Its contracts are also flexible and clear without any hidden costs.

From fast delivery to a convenient app to low-cost international calls to non-EU countries, there are so many perks to expect from this mobile provider.

The download speed is also high, but you may struggle to comprehend what its website says if you only speak English.

Which is the Best Mobile Phone Plan in Germany?

There are three major mobile phone plans in Germany, and here’s a detailed discussion of your options;

Phone Contract

If you sign a phone contract in Germany, you should expect a certain number of international call minutes, a flat rate for texts and calls and some amount of 5G or 4G LTE mobile data.

The phone contract often lasts for a period of 12 to 24 months.

You can’t change your mobile provider if that period hasn’t lapsed.

The payments are usually monthly and paid via direct debit.

This mobile phone plan is ideal if you will be staying in Germany for several years, especially after moving to work.

It is also suitable when buying or upgrading a phone since it becomes yours once the contract ends.

Prepaid SIM

You get to load your SIM with credit and then use it for data, text messages or calls.

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This arrangement doesn’t require a subscription plan; hence, there is no limit to what you can spend in a month or any particular duration.

Due to its flexibility and affordability, this mobile phone plan is ideal for international students studying in Germany.

Consider this plan if you also don’t need much data and call minutes.

Postpaid SIM

One must admit that this option combines the benefits of the other two plans.

For instance, depending on your chosen plan, you will get a certain amount of data and a flat rate for texts and calls.

On the other hand, you get to cancel a plan by the end of the month if it isn’t working for you anymore.

No one will cut off your phone if you forget to charge your phone.

So, this plan offers both flexibility and reliability, and that’s a combination hard to get from either of the other options.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract in Germany?

These tips can help you choose the best mobile phone plan for you.

Phone Number Portability

Some mobile providers allow you to choose your phone number.

Others will even allow you to use the German number you used with another provider.

Contract Period

Some contracts last a year, whereas others can go up to two.

Ensure you select a duration that suits you, such as not going for a 24-month contract if you only stay in Germany for a year.

Remember to give the mobile provider a cancellation notice a month before the end of the contract period.

Internet Speed and Data

The amount of data you get is important when choosing a phone contract.

However, don’t let it blind you to the extent that you overlook the internet speed.

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Besides, don’t choose a 5G network despite being the fastest if it isn’t available in your area.

4G LTE doesn’t have a bad speed either, and its coverage is relatively large.

Text Messages and Talk Time

Consider how long you will want to talk with your loved ones.

Once you do, ensure that your plan has enough talk time to facilitate such communication.

Look for an affordable plan that offers unlimited text messages and calls since that’s a great deal.


You may have to choose between D-Netz and E-network.

D-network is ideal if you live in the rural areas or travel a lot, thanks to its great coverage.

On the other hand, an E-network may be the best if living in a big city since it can simultaneously support many calls without interruption.

Which is the Cheapest Mobile Network in Germany?

02 is the cheapest mobile network in Germany.

On the other hand, the most expensive mobile network in Germany is Telekom.

Is 5G Network Available in Germany?

The 5G network was introduced in Germany in 2019.

Over the years, its coverage has expanded thanks to the efforts of various mobile providers, especially Vodafone and Telekom.

02 hasn’t done as much but is also doing a commendable job expanding this coverage.

Nevertheless, there is still work for this network to be available throughout Germany.

Can You Enjoy Unlimited Internet Plans in Germany?

Thanks to the various mobile providers offering corresponding plans, you can get unlimited internet plans.

Options include the O2 unlimited plan, Vodafone and Telekom unlimited internet plans.

They differ in price, contract periods and internet speeds; hence, comparing them well before settling for one is crucial.

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