Leisure and Family Activities

What to do, what to see and where to go in your free time and/or with children? We will give you a list of some of the many activities to do in Denmark when you have time for some entertainment. Also check out our eventcalendar for events of all kinds!

Visit Denmark
Visit Denmark, the offical tourist site for Denmark, has a massive array of link for finding out about leaisure activites close to where you live or to where you are heading. Click here for more information.
You can find out more about free time, sports and cultural activities in your area by visiting the webpage of your kommune (you can find a short version of the page in English, but the important information is in Danish; use Google Translate).
Usually you can get information about the free time activities under the section called Borger (Citizen) and from there you can access information on free time (Fritid), children (Børn), family (Familie), sports activities (Idræt), nature (Natur) and cultural activities (Kultur). Most of the municipalities offer different kinds of activities for children. If you are interested in a specific activity you can always ask about it at the city hall (Rådhus).
Another useful link is www.cphcool.dk
The Cope
The Cope is a magazine in English about all the great independently run shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and bars in Copenhagen. The Cope is also a really useful website for when you’re going out and need some instant tips and tricks. You can find a range of features and reviews from the magazine on the website and by following The Cope on Facebook.
Press the picture to see more!

MINI Copenhagen - CPH for Kids
A very useful website containing all the events, activities and sites for kids to experience when visiting or living in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of the most child friendly cities in the world and it’s officially one of the safest. Children are part of the fabric of the city and there are plenty of places to play, eat and relax as a family. The website also offers a weekly newsletter which you can sign up for. Read more at minicph.com
Zoo igen.jpg
There are nearly 60 Zoos, Animal Parks and Aquariums in Denmark, which are worth visiting. You can find a list of them all as well as a map showing where they are placed at: www.visitdenmark.dk
You can read below about some of the zoos in Denmark.
  • Copenhagen Zoo - Zoologisk Have
    The Copenhagen Zoo offers you an educative and fun experience with different types of animals. The Children’s Zoo offers an opportunity for children to ride a pony, see the African Pygmy goats or get closer to snakes, rabbits and other animals. During holidays they offer special activities and also Christmas activities every weekend in December. 
  • Aalborg Zoo
    One of the biggest attractions in the North Jutland Region, Ålborg Zoo is a good place to spend a day with your kids and family.
  • Odense Zoo
    Do you want to learn or confirm your knowledge about the different species of animals? Or do you want to give your children and family a Safari experience in metropolis of Odense? Then Odense Zoo is the place to visit. With occasional events you get the chance to really come close to the animals, where you can also feed them.
  • Skærup Zoo
    An exciting zoo where you can see more than 100 species of animals.
Copenhagen Area and Zeeland
  • The Botanic Garden of Copenhagen
    Here you can see an impressive numbers of plants, outdoors and in glasshouses.
  • The Open Air Museum
    Here you can experience a piece of Denmark’s history. It is located in the Greater Copenhagen area and the entrance is free of charge.
  • The King's Garden
    Here The oldest royal garden in Denmark are located next to Rosenborg Castle. It offers an artistic playground.
  • The Royal Library Gardens
    Here One of the most quiet places in Copenhagen. Located between Christiansborg Palace (Parliament) and the Royal Library. Set in the political, economic and literary heart of Denmark the garden constitutes a small oasis in the heart of the city.
  • Frederiksborg’s Baroque Garden
    Frederiksborg’s garden is a nice place for a walk or for a picnic. It is situates next to the Frederiksborg Castle, the largest Renaissance Castle in Scandinavia.
  • Deer Park, Bakken
    Located next to Bakken (Greater Copenhagen area, the oldest amusement park in the world, the Deer Park is a charming place to spend a quiet afternoon with your family. You can see and feed different species of deer.
  • Fælledparken
    Fælledparken is a paradise for all ages. 
    Here you can find the national stadium, different playgrounds, a music hall and much more.
  • Frederiksberg Park
    Frederiksberg Park together with Søndermarken is one of the largest parks in Copenhagen. It is located close to the Copenhagen Zoo and to the Frederiksberg palace. 
  • The Deer Park - Dyrehaven Marselisborg
    Located in the Marselisborg Forest, the deer park is a good place for spending a nice afternoon with your family. Here you can admire and feed the sika deer (spotted deer) and the fallow deer.
  • The Botanical Garden (Aarhus)
    Next to the city centre you can find the Botanical Garden, a cosy place to spend some time with your family. Here you can admire plants form different corners of the world, but you can also play football, have a picnic or just walk.
  • The Old City
    Next to the Botanical Garden you can find the Old City, a charming place where you can experience a part of Denmark’s history.
  • Marselisborg Palace and Memorial Park 
    The Marselisborg Palace is the summer residence of the Royal Family. When the royal family is not there you can visit the beautiful gardens of the residence. When the Royal family is there you can see the Change of Guards every day at noon.
  • Mulighedernes Park
    A new park in Aalborg which is being developed continuously by kids of different ages through workshops. The park is situated on the hill between Skelagervej, Bygaden and Sofiendalsvej.
  • The Lille Vildmose Centre
    The Lille Vildmose centre is paradise for nature lovers. It is a protected area where different activities are offered.
  • Enghaven Animal and Nature Park
    A good place to spend a relaxing afternoon with your family.
  • Egeskov Castle Park
    Located in the south of Fuenen, Egeskov Castle has for more than 450 years, captivated interests with its beautiful surroundings. Built on oak piles which are driven into the bed on the lake on which it is situated Egeskov provides one of the best atmospheres and playing grounds for both a playful and educative family and professional meetings.
Amusement Parks/Thematic Parks/Playgrounds

There are nearly 70 amusement and theme parks in total in Denmark. You can find a list, as well as the parks shown on a map of Denmark at:  There are nearly 70 amusement and theme parks in total in Denmark. You can find a list, as well as the parks shown on a map of Denmark at: www.visitdenmark.dk .
Copenhagen Area and Zeeland
  • Tivoli
    Tivoli is one of the most famous attractions in Copenhagen. There is always something different to see and to do here!
  • Bakken – Dyrehavsbakken
    Located in the Greater Copenhagen Area, Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world. The entrance in the park is free, but you have to pay for the rides. Here you can also find the Circus Revue and the Bakkens Hvile music hall.
  • Ghosttour.dk
    Tivoli Ghosttours offers a private scary city tour in English (groups only).
  • LegeJunglen
    Do you like to play without worrying about the weather???
    Situated in Køge is one of Denmark’s wonderful playgrounds with 2 rollercoasters, 2 hopping castles among other activities. LEGEJUNGLEN is the perfect playground for both adults and children and the weather is always good as it is more than 1500m² indoor playgrounds.
  • Bonbon Land
    Are you crazy about rides and rollercoasters then Bonbon land is the place for you. Situated in Zealand, Bonbon Land is one of Denmark’s popular theme parks with a wide range of interesting activities.
  • Tivoli Friheden
    Tivoli Friheden is an amusement park for the whole family, where you can take a ride on the rollercoaster or visit the ghost room.
  • Legoland
    An amusement park for families where you have the opportunity to experience different activities.
  • Rømø Lege & Hesteland
    A playing place which offers 30 different activities for children and adults.
  • Madsby Legepark
    A play park for children from 0-14 years. The entrance is free, and so are the most of the playing possibilities.
  • Ribe Viking Centre
    A place where you can experience the viking period together with your family.
  • Fårup Sommerland
    An amusement park where the entire family has fun! The park is open only from May until September.
  • Safari Camping
    For nature enthusiasts who enjoy camping Safari Camping a quiet family camping in the middle of Denmark's beautiful natural area, with direct access to National Park, Forest of Rold and Rebild Hills.
  • Odense Aafart
    The Odense Aafart offers a wonderful boat ride on Odense’s river.  Not only you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the ride but you can also get off and visit other attractions like the Odense Zoo and The Funen’s Village.
Circuses and Occasional Events
There are three large circuses in Aalborg:
A smaller Danish circus is Circus Baldoni.
If you prefer small “dog and pony-shows” Denmark offers:
  • Nisseland
    The world’s greatest and cosiest Christmas country. Visit the website or contact the tourist office. Enjoy homemade specialities at Nisserød Inn. See and buy the latest in Christmas decorations, brought here by Yul Tyde and Youlie, his wife, from their travels around the world.
  • Aarstiderne
    Let the children cultivate their own vegetables and make their own meals. In ”Haver til Maver” school classes can make their own gardens and learn to make simple and healthy meals. Through education and experiences the children are able to develop good knowledge about ingredients, foodstuffs and healthy eating habits as well as sustainability and nature.
Courses and Other Free Time Activities

Free time activities for kids in Copenhagen
For more information click here
  • Experimentarium
    A science centre which aims at promoting science and technology through funny exhibitions and activities.
  • Tycho Brahe Planetarium
    At Planetarium you can spend a nice and educational day with your family. You and your child can take part in different activities. The Planetarium organizes special events and activities for the holidays.
Courses and free time activities for kids
  • Danfoss Universe
    A science park for children and parents with more than 200 activities.

Sports and Outdoor Activities


  • Margueritruten
    The Margueritrute is a 3,500 km tourist route which passes through the Danish landscape in Jutland, Fyn and Zealand. The long route is characterised by the small Marguerite-signs in the road side. It is named the marguerite route, because the marguerite is Queen Margrethe’s favourite flower.

When you drive along the marguerite route, you will come across the classic tourist attractions such as Kronborg as well as other less known attractions.

The route is “family friendly” as the distances between the attractions are rarely long. However, it is not advisable to take the route with a trailer or camping car, as the roads tend to twist.
There are numerous hiking routes throughout Denmark. You can find free pamphlets with maps and descriptions about various routes, at your local tourist office. You can also find some English pamphlets of hiking routes here: www.skovognatur.dk
Leisure Cycling
Denmark is quite a cycle friendly nation and has a wide and extensive network of cycle routes throughout the country. There are long distance national routes, regional cycle routes and local cycle routes which are very clearly marked.
There are cycle paths on most major roads and in most towns; these are sometimes partitioned edges of the actual road. Be aware that in some regions the cycle routes quite often use tracks with gravel surfaces. Wider width tyres might be advisable although not essential.
Most of the cycle paths that run alongside main roads are well laid tarmac paths and good to ride on and are well maintained. You can find a detailed English description of the national cycling routes at www.cyklistforbundet.dk
Denmark is a country quite unique where fishing is concerned. Although there are countries with bigger and more plentiful fish, no other country can boast of such a wide variety of species within a geographical area as small as that of Denmark. Here the rivers, lakes, coast and open sea are all within convenient reach.
For more information on fishing check out Visit Denmark's webpage here.
The best golf courses in Denmark are evenly distributed across the country. A list of the top 25 Golf Courses with a short description can be found at the link below. There are also some places which offer the possibility of golfing all year round.
For more information on golfing check out Visit Denmark's webpage here.
Water Sports
Denmark has a coastline of approximately 7,000 km which leaves plenty of room for water sports. Yachtsmen can sail their course in peace and quiet, and canoeing/kayaking along the rivers is also regulated to make sure that everyone can enjoy nature at its best.
Read more at the website of the Danish Sailing Association.
Sport teams
In Denmark many people, in all ages, are part of a local sport team. Joining a sport team is a great way to meet new people and getting to know a culture. All kinds of sport you can imagine are being praticed in Denmark, you just have to look a little to find some of them.
For instance Aarhus has a Gaelic Football team.