About Expat in Denmark

Why are we here, and what can we do for you?

We live in a globalized world, where people constantly are looking for attractive job opportunities and companies wish to attract and retain the best and most skilled employees from abroad.

However, moving to a foreign country and settling is not always easy and there are challenges – but also opportunities along the way. In this regard, Denmark is not different from any other country.

The purpose of Expat in Denmark is to contribute to making Denmark an attractive place to work and live in. We wish this site a supplement to primarily after-hours events for your friends and a forum for foreigners and Danes to get acquainted.

We aim to provide expats with exhaustive and thorough information on all aspects of working and living in Denmark, from taxes to amusement parks.

Companies, universities, and local/regional governments will also find continuously updated information and Best Practice publications on how to make staying in Denmark as attractive as possible for both individual expats, expat families, and students.

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