Living in Denmark

This section aims at providing expats with exhaustive and thorough information on all aspects of working and living in Denmark, from taxes to amusement parks. Living here can be a challenge due to cultural differences. Especially Danish humor can startle internationals moving here.

5 Tips for Expats Living in Denmark

Meet new friends

Join a dub – most Danes do. Therefore if you want to expand your network, you should join a dub too

Research and explore

Eg. find out what “hygge” is about. Eat the local cusine or maybe figure out whry Danes are among the happiest people in the world.

Learn the language

Danes are among the best in theworld at speaking English, but if youwant to join a lundh-conversation atwork, it is useful to know a littleDanish

Say yes

At first say yes to everything to develop your social cirde. E.g. local events, dinner with colleges or new free time activities.

Stay connected

It is okay to be homesick – Denmark has great infrastructure so it is easy to stay connected to home.

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