Top 6 Best Insurance Companies In Denmark

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Many people get insurance policies to protect themselves and their properties in case loss occurs.

With that, they need to pay the insurer some money to insure them in case of anything.

This explanation defines the importance of insurance companies.

Hence, you must get a credible insurance company in the country.

After all, the kind of insurance services you get relies on the company you are currently insured and their services.

In Denmark, several of the best insurance companies include Tryg, Protector, Topdanmark, etc.

Here are more details on insurance companies you can rely on in Denmark:

Tryg A/S

One of the best insurance companies in Denmark is Tryg A/S

It is an insurance company that serves people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The company is the biggest general insurance provider in Denmark.

This insurance company is listed on the Nasdaq in Copenhagen.

Today, you can apply to be insured in Tryg for excellent services.

Protector Forsikring

The Protector Forsikring is among the best insurance companies in Denmark.

It offers insurance to companies, property, liability, motor, personal, and travel.

Today, the company has over 190 experts who handle different people’s claims.

The company offers insurance to people in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

You can contact Protector today for more details on their insurance services.

Topdanmark AS

Are you looking for the best insurance company in Denmark?

If yes, Topdanmark AS is among the top insurance providers in the country.

It offers several insurance products and services.

Topdanmark offers life insurance, pension schemes, and other related areas.

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The company is best for people looking for death, illness, injuries, home, motor, accident, travel, electronics, and change of ownership insurance.

With this company, you get insurance services for an individual or corporate.

Learn more about their services via their official insurance company platform,

Alm. Brand

One of the oldest insurance companies in Denmark is Alm. Brand dating back to 1792.

Initially, the insurance company was insurance for policyholders of buildings in the rural community.

Today, the company offers many financial services in different markets.

They offer non-life, life, banking, and pension insurance.

It is the best company for someone looking for an insurance company with a history.

Also, many Danish people confirm that their services are outstanding.

For more details on the insurance company, visit their site at Alm—brand insurance company.

Codan A/S

Codan A/S is among the top insurance companies in Denmark, dating back to 1916.

It is among the largest insurance companies in the country.

Besides Denmark, the insurance company operates in Sweden and Norway.

For Danish people, they can only access non-life insurance.

Over the years, Codan has changed its ownership due to the crisis.

Today, it isn’t even on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange after getting delisted in 2007.

IF P&C Insurance

Another top insurance company is IF P&C Insurance Company.

It mainly focuses on property and casualty insurance.

The company serves at least 3.8 million customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway and Lithuania.

This insurance company is among the growing businesses in the country, with thousands of employees.

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If you are looking for a reliable insurance company in Denmark, IF P&C Insurance is among the top options.

What Insurance Services are Mandatory in Denmark?

From the list above, Denmark has some of the best insurance companies globally.

Today, there are a few insurance services that are mandatory in Denmark.

Of course, most of the insurance is voluntary, but others are necessary for the Danish people according to the law.

Here are a few popular mandatory insurance options you must have by law.

Work-related Insurance

In Denmark, employers need to have occupational injury insurance.

Every employer must have this insurance to cover their employees’ injuries.

The insurance covers everything related to a workplace, including the injuries.

Otherwise, things like leisure time are excluded from this insurance.

Note that the unemployment insurance is voluntary in Denmark.

Liability Insurance

It would be best if you had liability insurance for people who own motor vehicles in Denmark.

It is among the conditions you must fulfil when buying a vehicle.

Failure to apply for insurance is against the law, and you can face legal consequences.

So, all Danish People need liability insurance for their vehicles.

Dog Insurance

Dog owners all over Denmark are required to have dog insurance.

It is among the mandatory insurances in Denmark as long as you own a dog.

Fire Insurance

The Danish law requires everyone with a real estate to have fire insurance.

It is an insurance type that guards against destructive fires.

With that, people can make their claims in case of any fire.

Banks and other financial institutions are strict with this law since it is among the documents you must present when applying for a loan.

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There are legal consequences for people who fail to apply for this loan even after owning real estate properties.

How Does Health Insurance Work in Denmark?

Denmark is among the top countries when it comes to extensive public healthcare.

The country has a superior healthcare system offering free consultation and treatment to its people and people legally working in Denmark.

Most treatments and examinations are free and covered by the Health Insurance Card.

Foreigners who legally work in the country must register for a health insurance card to get free medical services.

You can get a health insurance card at the Danish Citizen Service Centre.

It takes 2 weeks before you can receive the card after registration.

The card is officially sent to your home after 2 weeks, and it contains all your essential details, name, address, CPR number, and Your Doctor’s address.

It would be best always to carry your health insurance card to access medical services anywhere.

What Insurance is the Most Important?

From the information above, you can tell that there are so many insurances you can receive depending on your needs.

However, health insurance is the most important insurance you can have.

After all, if something goes wrong, you are set to risk all your money and your life.

Health insurance serves to help you pay your medical care fees in case of health issues.

It is especially crucial especially when dealing with complicated issues requiring long-term treatment.

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