Top 5 Best Consultancy For Denmark In Nepal

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Nepal, with its rich cultural history and deep-seated values for education, has seen a surge in students looking to broaden their horizons by studying abroad.

Denmark has emerged as a preferred destination for students all over the world due to its world-class educational institutions and student-friendly policies.

This rising demand has led to the establishment of various consultancies in Nepal catering specifically to Denmark-bound students.

These consultancies play a pivotal role, bridging the gap between aspirants and their dream institutions in Denmark.

They offer comprehensive services ranging from course and university selection, application processing, visa guidance, to post-arrival support.

Best Consultancy For Denmark In Nepal

Rain Educational Consultancy

Rain Educational Consultancy has been helping students for more than ten years.

They offer many services to help students and these services includes helping students to choose the right university in Denmark, filling out application forms, guiding them on visa processes, and preparing for tests.

They also hold special events and classes to teach students about studying in Denmark.

With their top score of 4.6, many people in Nepal trust and believe in Rain Educational Consultancy.

Nepal Education Consultancy

With a history of over 20 years, Nepal Education Consultancy is a household name, boasting an impressive 4.8 rating.

Their team of counselors is known for offering tailored advice to each student.

The range of services Nepal Education Consultancy provides is vast, covering university choices, course advice, assistance with applications, information on scholarships, and guidance before leaving for studies.

They also hold informative seminars and one-on-one counseling sessions, ensuring students can make the best future choices.

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Their track record is evident in the many students they’ve supported in gaining entry to top-tier Danish institutions.

Holding an esteemed rating, Nepal Education Consultancy stands out for its unmatched professionalism and dedication to fostering student achievement.

Kathmandu Scandinavian Link

Popularly known as KSL, the Kathmandu Scandinavian Link is a leading consultancy in Nepal, primarily focusing on Scandinavian nations, including Denmark.

With a decade’s experience, they hold a commendable 4.7 rating and are backed by a team of passionate professionals.

KSL’s all-encompassing services include guidance on picking the right university, application facilitation, visa-related advice, and briefing sessions before departure.

Their strong ties with Danish educational institutions enable them to offer unparalleled insights and assistance to students.

KSL expertise shines through in the many success stories of students they’ve assisted in their Danish education pursuits.

These testimonials echo the positive impacts and experiences made possible by KSL’s efforts.

A 4.7 rating proves KSL’s dedication and excellence in guiding students to achieve their Denmark study dreams.


Abroad Education and Career Counselling, stands out as a prominent consultancy in Nepal, drawing on over seven years of expertise in aiding students on their international study paths.

They proudly hold a rating of 4.1 and are supported by a team of passionate experts.

Their extensive services encompass university and course recommendations, assistance with applications, exam preparation, visa advising, and support after students land abroad.

AECC’s mission is to stand by students through every phase of their study abroad journey.

Numerous students have transformed their dreams into reality by pursuing education in Denmark.

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With a commendable rating of 4.1, AECC’s dedication to assisting students in achieving overseas educational aspirations is evident.

Nepal International Education Consultancy (NIEC)

The Nepal International Education Consultancy, commonly referred to as NIEC, carries a rich legacy with 20 years in the consultancy sphere.

NIEC is known for its exhaustive services that cover university choices, seamless application handling, visa related advice, test coaching, and guiding students through interview rounds. They take pride in centering their efforts around student-centric solutions, tailoring their support to individual needs during the application tenure.

A considerable number of students have embarked on rewarding academic journeys in esteemed Danish institutions, all under the guidance of NIEC.

NIEC solid rating is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of its student clientele.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Best Consultancy For Studying In Denmark From Nepal?

Choosing the best consultancy is crucial for students aspiring to study in Denmark.

The right consultancy provides comprehensive insights into Denmark’s education system, assists with the intricate visa procedures, and offers valuable guidance on university and course selection.

With Denmark having specific regulations and prerequisites, an experienced consultancy can streamline the process, ensuring accuracy and timeliness, thus enhancing the probability of successful admissions and transitions.

Do Consultancy For Denmark In Nepal Offer Post-Admission Support In Denmark?

Yes, many renowned consultancies extend their services beyond just securing admissions.

They often assist students with post-arrival procedures in Denmark, including finding accommodation, understanding local customs, and integrating into academic life.

Such support can be instrumental in helping students smoothly transition into their new environment.

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How To Identify A Reputable Consultancy For Denmark In Nepal?

A reputable consultancy can be identified through several markers.

Look at their track record and success stories.

The number of students they’ve successfully placed in Danish institutions can be a good indicator.

Reviews and testimonials from past students provide real insights.

Additionally, their team’s qualifications, affiliations with Danish institutions, and transparency in their processes can also serve as benchmarks of their credibility.

What Is The Cost For Studying In Denmark For Students From Nepal?

Studying in Denmark as a student from Nepal can be a rewarding experience, but understanding the financial aspect is crucial.

For non-EU/EEA students, which includes those from Nepal, the annual tuition fees in Denmark vary based on the course and institution chosen.

For undergraduate courses or Bachelor’s programs, one can expect to pay between DKK 45,000 and DKK 106,000.

On the other hand, for postgraduate studies or Master’s programs, the fees range from DKK 51,000 to DKK 108,000 annually.

What Is The Approval Rate For Danish Visas For Students From Nepal?

Obtaining a student visa for Denmark from Nepal is influenced by the level of study pursued.

When international students from Nepal apply for a Master’s program in Denmark, they experience an impressively high success rate, with over 95% of applicants receiving residence permits.

This showcases Denmark’s receptiveness towards advanced-level students from overseas.

However, when applying for a Bachelor’s program, the probability of securing a Danish study visa drops to just below 5%.

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