Top 9 Best Steakhouses In Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen, the enchanting capital of Denmark, is renowned for its harmonious blend of historic charm and modern innovation.

The city boasts an impressive array of eateries that celebrate both traditional Danish fare and international cuisine.

Among these culinary gems are the city’s steakhouses, which have carved a niche in Copenhagen’s vibrant food scene.

Combining the rustic appeal of Danish design with the rich flavors of premium cuts, the steakhouses in Copenhagen offer a unique dining experience.

Popular Steakhouses In Copenhagen

MASH – Modern American Steak House

MASH, an upscale steakhouse chain, has its roots in Copenhagen, Denmark, offering an exquisite dining experience.

Their specialty is procuring some of the finest steak cuts globally, with Danish dry-aged and American Nebraska beef being particular highlights.

The ambiance speaks of luxury, with leather booths, dim lighting, and a robust wine collection visible through glass displays.

Restaurant KöD

A translation of “meat,” KöD embodies its name.

Nestled in an upscale setting, it provides a modern take on the steakhouse tradition.

The variety is impressive, featuring premium beef cuts from the USA, Uruguay, and Australia.

KöD sleek decor and ambient lighting set the stage for romantic dinners or corporate gatherings, while the wine list is a mix of classics and hidden gems.

Madklubben Steak

Madklubben, as a brand, has made a significant mark in Copenhagen’s culinary scene.

Their steakhouse variant maintains high standards, championing simplicity and authenticity.

The steak is perfectly seasoned, with flavors that resonate with every bite.

Prices are reasonable, a feat in Copenhagen, and the ambiance strikes a balance between upscale dining and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Their side dishes, from roasted vegetables to creamy potatoes, earn equal praise.

Steak Royal

Amidst the urban hustle of Copenhagen lies Steak Royal, a culinary haven.

The decor blends grandeur and modernity with plush seating, ornate chandeliers, and open kitchens.

They showcase a symphony of steak and seafood, with each dish plated to visual perfection.

Whether you opt for a buttery tenderloin or a sumptuous lobster, the culinary craftsmanship is evident.

Pate Pate

Situated in the Meatpacking District, Pate Pate is a culinary gem.

While not a conventional steakhouse, its steak frites are legendary.

The bustling ambiance reflects the eclectic menu that draws inspiration from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Every visit promises a melange of flavors, with the steak dishes holding their own amidst various offerings.

The Olive Kitchen & Bar

At The Olive, the Mediterranean ethos isn’t just in the name, it’s in every dish they serve.

While the restaurant’s spectrum is broad, their steaks stand out.

They’re a carnivore’s dream, sourced from the best cuts and cooked to perfection.

The restaurant exudes warmth, with ambient lighting and cozy corners, making it a favored spot for romantic dinners and family gatherings.

A Hereford Beefstouw

Established in the early 1970s, A Hereford Beefstouw focuses on top-quality steak and vegetarian dishes.

The interior is dominated by rich timber, giving it a warm and welcoming feel.

The main draw is the beef, which is sourced carefully and cooked to perfection.

Their wine list complements the steaks, and the overall experience is one of a traditional, dedicated steakhouse with a modern twist.

Jarmers Steakhouse

Named after Jarmers Plads in Copenhagen, Jarmers Steakhouse presents a cozy yet luxurious dining atmosphere.

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Known for its juicy steaks and generous portions, it’s a destination where meat lovers can savor prime cuts of beef.

Their attentive staff and rich selection of wines make the experience even more delightful.

Rio Bravo

Established in 1972, Rio Bravo offers a genuine Wild West experience in the heart of Copenhagen.

With wooden paneling and cowboy-themed decor, it promises a unique dining ambiance.

But the steaks are the real stars, seared to perfection and dripping with flavor.

Complemented by hearty sides and a range of beverages, a meal here is an experience and a treat for the palate.

What Are Some Of The Top-Rated Steakhouses In Copenhagen?

Copenhagen boasts several top-rated steakhouses that cater to meat lovers.

A few favorites include MASH (Modern American Steak House), Retour Steak, and KöD.

MASH is known for its upscale ambiance and various steaks sourced globally.

Retour Steak offers a more intimate setting with classic steak choices and excellent sides.

KöD combines traditional steakhouse offerings with a contemporary Scandinavian twist.

Do Steakhouses In Copenhagen Serve Danish Beef?

Many steakhouses in Copenhagen offer Danish beef on their menu.

Denmark has a rich agricultural tradition, and its beef, particularly from free-range and grass-fed cattle, is known for its high quality.

While many restaurants like to provide a range of beef from different regions, showcasing the local Danish beef is often a point of pride.

When visiting a steakhouse, you can usually find information on the origin of their meat, and many staff members will be happy to discuss the sources of their produce.

What Is The Average Price Range For A Steak Dinner In Copenhagen?

Copenhagen, being a European capital, can be on the pricier side of dining.

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For a steak dinner at a mid-range to an upscale steakhouse, you should pay anywhere from 200 to 500 DKK for a steak, depending on the cut and the establishment.

This doesn’t typically include sides, drinks, or desserts.

Budgeting around 600 to 1,000 DKK per person for a full three-course meal with drinks would be a safe estimate.

Is It Essential To Make A Reservation At A Steakhouse In Copenhagen?

Reservations are generally recommended, especially if you plan to dine at one of Copenhagen’s more popular or upscale steakhouses.

The city has a vibrant dining scene, and prime dining times can get busy.

Making a reservation ensures you have a guaranteed spot and can also help the restaurant prepare for your visit, offering a smoother dining experience.

Are There Any Vegan Options Available At Steakhouses In Copenhagen?

While steakhouses primarily cater to meat lovers, Copenhagen’s dining scene is quite progressive, and many establishments understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs.

It’s common to find vegan side dishes on the menu.

Some steakhouses may offer a vegetarian main course.

Still, it’s always a good idea to check the menu online or call ahead to ensure some options fit your dietary preferences.

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