Top 6 Best Gyms in Denmark

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People usually go to the gym to exercise, thus get fit, lose weight, maintain their body sizes or build shape.

What interests them is that a gym can give you more than that.

For instance, it is an excellent place for relaxation, hence a go-to place if feeling down, stressed or angry.

Besides, you will be surprised by the number of friendships that begin in these gyms and become formidable in the long run.

However, you need a great gym to get this holistic experience that balances the physical and the social aspects.

So, what are your options for a fantastic workout experience if you are in Denmark?

By the end of this article, that question will no longer be part of your worries.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the best gyms in Denmark.

Top 6 Best Gyms in Denmark

Whereas there are many gyms in this country, some have better facilities than others.

To help you choose one of the best gyms in Denmark, we have narrowed your options to 6.

Check out these choices.

LOOP Fitness

It turns out that you could work out for 24 minutes yet get an excellent feeling after that.

That’s a routine that the LOOP Fitness gym offers to help you work out your entire body efficiently.

It has cardio stations and a platform to build your strength.

Besides this routine, you can use the fitness equipment as long as it is during off-peak hours.

The subscription fee is about 199 DKK every month.

TarGet Gym

Working on your muscles will get better and easier if you choose the TarGet gym.

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This raw gym offers a variety of machines, grips and cables to facilitate workouts excellently.

Its location is Kastrup, Amager, Copenhagen, near the airport.

Bodybuilders and athletes find it one of the best gyms in Denmark for their training.

The price ranges between 288 and 399 DKK a month, depending on whether you need part-time or full-time access.

Fresh Fitness

Fresh Fitness is also one of the best gyms in Denmark, thanks to the various services and modern workout facilities.

Besides various workout equipment, you can join a group fitness class such as body pump, spinning and Pilates.

Professional personal training is yet another option at Fresh Fitness.

This gym in Copenhagen also offers a relaxation area and a sauna, among other wellness facilities.

Its monthly membership costs about 299 DKK.

Repeat Fitness

Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city and home to this great Repeat Fitness gym.

It is among the best since its environment is conducive to working out.

The gym has various group fitness classes such as kickboxing, yoga and Les Mills programs.

Alternatively, you can choose personal training if that works best for you.

The monthly subscription is approximately 249 DKK.

Fitness World

If you need personal training, Fitness World is one of the best gyms in Denmark.

You can also participate in group classes such as Body Combat, Zumba and HIIT.

The equipment is fantastic, and so is the workout area.

Interestingly, some of its branches have wellness facilities such as a relaxation area and a sauna.

Its monthly subscription fee is as low as 199 DKK, giving you access to all its services.

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SATS is a popular gym chain with centres in various parts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

It has dedicated trainers to help you in your workout journey.

Besides, strength training equipment and cardio machines are excellent.

You can indulge in various workout activities, including body pump, spinning and yoga.

You can also opt for personalized training; the membership costs 299 DK.

How Much is a Gym in Copenhagen?

On average, the monthly gym membership cost in Copenhagen’s business district is kr 295.

Therefore, if you are a town resident, you have a rough idea of how much to budget for the workout sessions.

As you settle for a gym in Denmark, it is advisable not to focus on the price too much.

Whereas it is an essential factor, you should also consider the facilities available to ensure you get the best value for your money.

How Many Gyms Are There in Denmark?

One of the significant reasons why it is hard to choose a gym in Denmark is the huge number of these facilities.

Did you know that Denmark has at least 800 gyms within its boundaries?

It explains why you need an article on the best gyms in Denmark since it makes choosing an excellent one easy and accurate.

Do Danish People Exercise a Lot?

Let’s highlight statistics to help you decide whether Danish residents exercise seriously.

Of its population aged 18 years and above, 53.4% use 150 minutes and above weekly to indulge in various physical activities.

For instance, a fraction of these individuals go for cycling as their mode of transport.

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Where Can I Work Out in Copenhagen?

If you are specifically residing in Copenhagen, the best gyms in this area include the following;

  • Barry’s
  • Core Elegance
  • FitxpressDk Aps
  • House of Pole
  • KAILO Yoga
  • Kids Kollektive
  • Ohmyoga Aps
  • One Thirty Labs
  • Power Yoga Copenhagen
  • River Gauche
  • Ro Atelier
  • Rolands
  • Rort
  • The Yoga Flat
  • Vesterbronx Gym

At What Age Can You Go to the Gym in Denmark?

If you are below 14, you can’t go to a gym in Denmark.

Equally important, if you are 14 to 15, you will need a registered gym supervisor, parent or guardian to supervise your gym sessions.

It is worth noting that only 18 years and above can supervise these gymgoers.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gym?

First, you should consider the services and equipment available in that gym.

After all, you don’t want a workout facility that doesn’t have what you need to meet your body goals.

If you want dumbbells, ensure you choose a gym with them.

The same applies to yoga enthusiasts, athletes, bodybuilders and so forth.

On the other hand, the location also matters.

You don’t want to spend hours going to and from the gym.

Time is precious, too, and you could spend it on other important things.

Lastly, the membership fee can also be a game changer.

Ensure that the price is reasonable and you also get value.


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