Top 11 Best Ski Resorts in Denmark

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It is no secret that the Organization for Economic Co-operation concluded that Denmark has the happiest people globally.

However, skiing may not be a major source of this happiness associated with the Danes.

After all, there isn’t much to say about this country regarding this recreational sport.

Whereas it is home to the popular Greenland island known for its huge size, snow, and ice, it falls short of merit among the Danes due to its location.

For instance, people residing in Aalborg, Arhus, and Copenhagen will find it too far.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean avid skiers should strike out Denmark from the list of countries to travel to for skiing.

The skiing spots may be seasonal, but they offer an amazing experience if the snow is enough for the sport.

Fortunately, there is no need to struggle to find great options, thanks to this article.

It extensively discusses the best ski resorts in Denmark, hence a must-read if you are a skiing enthusiast.

Top 11 Best Ski Resorts in Denmark

For a fantastic skiing experience, consider the best ski resorts in Denmark, which include the following;

Bornholm, Ostrlars

The residents of Bornholm have changed the skiing arena by installing a ski life beside a hill.

This development has made it possible to ski on that hill despite being neither steep nor high.

It is ideal for professionals and beginners looking for the best place to ski and indulge in other winter sports.

Its slope extends up to 0.7 km, and it is suitable for adults and kids, hence an excellent family destination.

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Hoch Hylkedal

Another great ski resort in Denmark worth visiting is the Hoch Hylkedal–Kolding.

Besides skiing, it is also popular for its fantastic snowboarding experience.

Its slope length extends up to 0.3 km.

Aarhus Ski Arena

Thanks to the Aarhus Ski Arena, you don’t need real slopes to enjoy skiing in Denmark.

It uses virtual technology to simulate a skiing experience, thus ideal for beginners.

It is interesting how tech can allow you to experience fantastic skiing experience without hitting the snowy slopes.


Modern ski slopes in Copenhagen characterize this ski resort.

It is evidence of how innovation can change a place, given the new breathtaking scenery of what was once a waste management facility.

Now, it is a go-to place for amazing skiing and snowboarding, not forgetting its excellent facilities and experienced staff members.

Hedelands Ski Center

Hedelands is an artificial ski centre that has existed since the 1980s.

It ranks among the biggest ski resorts in Denmark.

Why not, given its 3 lifts, accommodating up to 1800 people every hour?

Besides, its slope’s height is 45 meters, whereas its length is 28 meters.

Skidome Denmark – Randers

It is a planned indoor ski area worth visiting if you are in Denmark.

Whereas the height is 110 m, the length of its slope is up to 3 km.

Hvornum Alpincenter – Hobro

This ski resort in Denmark has 1 lift.

Its height is 11 m, whereas the length of its slope is 0.1 km.

Farebakkerne – Naestved

This ski resort in Denmark has 1 lift.

Its height is 26 m, whereas the length of its slope is 0.2 km.

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Dayz Sohojlandets Skicentre

This ski resort in Denmark has 3 lifts.

Its height is 20 m, whereas the length of its slope is 0.1 km.

Djaevlebakken – Holstebro

This ski resort in Denmark has 1 lift.

Its height is 15 m, whereas the length of its slope is 0.2 km.

Slagterbanken – Frobjerg Bavnehoj

This ski resort in Denmark has 1 lift.

Its height is 42 m, whereas the length of its slope is 0.2 km.

What is the Largest Ski Resort in Denmark?

If you want to ski in the largest ski resort in Denmark, ensure that you visit the Skidome Denmark – Randers, popularly known as Danmark.

That’s given its total slope length that extends up to 3 km.

Which Country in Europe Has the Best Skiing?

Being home to the popular Alps, it doesn’t surprise many that Austria is considered the best European skiing country.

Besides the Alps, other resorts within its boundaries are recognized among the best globally.

Where is the Most Beautiful Place to Ski?

It turns out that the prettiest places to ski are mostly in Italy, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

You will fall in love with the place’s breathtaking mountainous scenery.

The ski resorts, photographic scenes, and visually appealing log cabins make these places incredible.

For such an experience, consider visiting the following places;

  • Adelboden, Switzerland
  • Alpe d’Huez, France
  • Arabba, Italy
  • Courchevel, France
  • Crans Montana, Switzerland
  • Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Kitzbühel, Austria
  • Megève, France
  • Méribel, France
  • Murren, Switzerland
  • Ortisei, Italy
  • Saas-Fee, Switzerland
  • Martin de Belleville, France
  • Wengen, Switzerland
  • Zell am See, Austria
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What Is the Snowiest City in Denmark?

Besides skiing, Denmark is also a great destination for anyone who wants to experience snowfall.

From various landscapes to rural areas, there are many places where you can enjoy snow in this country.

Nevertheless, you probably want to try Copenhagen for the best experience since it is the snowiest place in Denmark.

Is Norway or Sweden Better for Skiing?

If you are torn between Norway and Sweden as your destination for skiing, one can understand where you are coming from.

After all, both countries have many similarities regarding skiing, including the fantastic experience of this sport.

Both countries have also hosted the Winter Olympics, confirming their suitability for skiing.

Their ski resorts are also great, not forgetting the extensive pistes ideal for downhill and cross-country skiing.

The bottom line is that it is hard to determine whether Norway or Sweden is better for skiing.

However, regardless of the country you choose between these two, expect a fantastic skiing experience.

What is the Biggest Ski Park in Europe?

The biggest European ski park is Les 3 Vallées – Val Thorens/Les Menuires/Méribel/Courchevel.

Its name translates to The Three Valleys, a region in Tarentaise Valley, Savoie, France.

No other European ski resort exceeds its total slope length of up to 600 km.

As a matter of fact, its fame goes beyond Europe since it is also the biggest of its kind globally.


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