5 Best Mobile Operator In Denmark

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Denmark, with its tech-savvy populace and cutting-edge infrastructure, has been at the forefront of the telecommunications revolution in Europe.

The Danish mobile operator landscape is characterized by its competitive spirit, innovation, and commitment to providing quality services to its users.

These operators not only provide extensive coverage across the picturesque expanses of Denmark but also ensure fast connectivity speeds, especially with the rollout of 5G networks.

Whether you’re a local seeking optimal service, a traveler needing short-term connectivity, or an expat planning a prolonged stay, Denmark’s mobile operators cater to a diverse range of needs.

Their packages often vary from basic, budget-friendly options to comprehensive plans with unlimited data and added perks.

Top Popular Mobile Operator In Denmark


Lebara stands out as Denmark’s most cost-effective mobile network.

Operating on the Telenor network, it offers a prepaid service that ensures exceptional 5G coverage at a fraction of the usual cost.

One of Lebara’s most attractive features is its offer of a complimentary first month of service.

This makes it an ideal choice for those briefly staying in Denmark, as it provides a no-obligation, free mobile service for that duration.

Once the initial month concludes, Lebara’s basic plan charges just 20 kr. for 5 GB of data and 5 hours of talk time.

They also offer diverse plans, such as a 180 kr. option with unlimited data and talk time, and a 100 kr. package granting 100 GB and 100 talk hours.

However, it’s worth noting that Lebara exclusively provides SIM-only prepaid plans, so any required devices must be bought separately.


CBB is an emerging force in the Danish telecommunications landscape.

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Interestingly, “CBB Mobil” stands for “Club Blah Blah,” a quirky and memorable name.

They’re known for offering competitive mobile subscription rates across Denmark.

One of their standout features, setting them apart from competitors, is the clarity and transparency of their subscription plans.

Moreover, CBB provides a user-centric self-service portal on its website, allowing users to easily track their subscriptions, payments, and data usage.

While many Danish mobile operators offer similar services, CBB’s platform is particularly intuitive, ensuring users have a clear and comprehensive view of their accounts.


Telenor is a prominent mobile operator in Denmark known for its transparent offerings.

Like many of their counterparts, they provide two main types of mobile subscriptions – one tailored for use exclusively within Denmark and another for the European Union.

Opting for Telenor’s EU subscription allows you to tap into the mobile network of any EU country you’re in, covering 44 European nations and undergoing automatic monthly renewals.

On the other hand, their Denmark-specific subscription is ideal for those who either don’t need EU-wide coverage or already possess an EU SIM card.

This option is attractively priced and strictly for domestic use.

Telenor is also recognized for its outstanding customer service.

It’s worth noting that the choice between EU or Danish SIM cards is standard among all Danish mobile operators when purchasing a subscription.

3 (Tre)

3 (Tre) is a popular mobile operator in Denmark, renowned for its modern approach to telecommunication services.

3 stands out for its competitive international roaming packages, allowing seamless connectivity across borders.

Collaborations with tech giants often see the company offering bundled device deals, making it a popular choice for those looking to pair a new device with a robust mobile plan.

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With a commitment to providing high-speed data and consistent coverage, 3 continues to carve its niche in the Danish market.


Telia shares its mobile network infrastructure with Telenor, ensuring its users will receive excellent coverage, lightning-fast 5G connectivity, and cost-effective monthly packages.

Starting at just 80 kr. per month, Telia provides a value plan that includes 3 hours of talk time, 3 GB of data, complimentary SMS, and free calls to fellow Telia users.

For those seeking broader coverage, packages commence at 170 kr. monthly, with unlimited 5G data plans available from 250 kr. each month.

One of Telia’s distinguishing features is its generous discounts on family packages and streaming services.

Apart from the entry-level plan, subscribers can enjoy free streaming access for six to twelve months.

Who Are The Leading Mobile Operators In Denmark?

Denmark boasts several reputable mobile operators, including Telenor, Telia, 3, and TDC.

Each has its strengths and unique offerings, catering to different customer needs.

For instance, Telenor and Telia share infrastructure, ensuring extensive coverage and top-notch 5G speeds.

Meanwhile, 3 is known for attractive international roaming packages, and TDC is recognized for its legacy and comprehensive service range.

How Do Danish Mobile Operators Fare In Terms Of 5G Coverage?

Denmark is among the front-runners in 5G deployment in Europe.

Most leading operators, such as Telenor and Telia, offer impressive 5G connectivity in urban areas and are rapidly expanding to cover more rural regions.

This ensures lightning-fast internet speeds, efficient data transfer, and improved overall user experience.

Are There Budget-Friendly Mobile Plans Available In Denmark?

Danish mobile operators cater to a wide range of budgets.

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Companies like Telia offer value plans starting as low as 80 kr. per month, which includes basic talk time, data, and SMS.

These plans are ideal for users with minimal mobile requirements.

However, it’s essential to carefully review the terms, as some budget plans might have restrictions or limitations compared to premium packages.

How Do Danish Mobile Operators Support International Roaming?

Roaming services vary among operators.

For instance, 3 stands out for its international roaming offerings, especially in the EU and selected countries.

Conversely, companies like Telia might restrict roaming unless you’re in specific regions like the EU or the US.

Before choosing an operator, it’s crucial to consider your travel habits and ensure that your chosen plan supports roaming in your frequented destinations.

Do Danish Operators Offer Any Unique Perks Or Added Benefits?

Many Danish operators entice customers with added perks.

Telia, provides discounts on family packages and streaming services, allowing subscribers free access to streaming platforms for specific durations.

Such benefits not only enhance the user experience but also provide value-added services that go beyond the conventional mobile package offerings.

Always check promotional offers or bonuses when choosing an operator.

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